DEN Boomband Review a year later

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2016)

I switched from MTNL to DEN Boomband a year ago. After some initial confusion, I decide to give it a shot. It has been a good experience though not perfect. To know more, here is my full review.

What is DEN Boomband?

DEN Boomband is a broadband service provided by DEN Networks, which is India’s largest cable TV distribution company serving 13 million homes in over 200 cities. In October 2014, DEN decided to venture into the large broadband market. Den brought a never seen before true 100 Mbps Superfast cable broadband service based on DOCSIS 3.0 technology to North India, to the relief of all net users who had to use the slow MTNL broadband especially in Delhi.

I never thought we will ever get a fraction of high-speed internet plans here in Delhi due to lack of competition, atleast at a price which I could afford. So the introduction of DEN Boomband excited me, and after a few months of weighing the odds I decided to go ahead with it. Here I come, DEN Boomband!

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Booking the connection

So how did I finally come to the conclusion that I needed this? I was in a car with a friend driving it near the Kalkaji market when I saw a poster on the street lights “Now experience the limitless – 100 Mbps”. I saw many more as he continued to drive through the street. The idea of trying a new service provider had passed my mind, and this reminder made me stack the odds between continuing to use the snail-paced MTNL connection or a much faster but new in town DEN Boomband. I reached the conclusion that nothing could be worse than the MTNL broadband, and decided to go ahead with it.

There was a promotional tent of DEN Boomband in a market near my place, so I went there and asked some details. The guy over there handed me a brochure, with multiple plans available depending on your budget.

At that time I was paying ₹999.00+Taxes to MTNL for 2 Mbps till 20 Gigs and then 512 Kbps unlimited and here if we take the closest plan to that, well!  ₹750+Taxes for 5 Mbps till 30 Gigs and 1 Mbps unlimited after that. So it was a much better deal.

I immediately called the sales guy to my home and booked a connection. Thing is that you have to pay for 3 months in advance to save the Installation charges (₹600), as they would be applicable if connection is taken for 1 month only. I was pissed at this deadlock as I didn’t want to pay ₹600 extra but was also sceptical about Den boomband service as it was still relatively new and untested. But good part is that, Den boomband will provide your their own Modem + Wireless router which is a plus.As they provide a prepaid connection you have to pay the rental in advance through cheque or cash.

For my connection i got a Cisco modem + Tp Link wifi router.

The Cable installation was done the same day and my connection was up and running on the same day that i booked.

The plans

For starters though, the “reasonable plan” at the top is not very reasonable. You get 5 Mbps till 15 GB of data usage and a speed of 128 Kbps after that. The FUP will easily be over if you watch videos or upload them, download movies and games. The speed after that is much slower than the slowest available MTNL plan. For just ₹150 more you get twice the FUP limit and 4 times the after FUP speed, so go with that, or one of the other plans if you want to get your money’s worth.

Being a user of the 5 Mbps 30 GB plan I have to say that I have had little qualms about the service. But there is a flaw with Den Boomband, you can’t change your subscribed plan until your seed tenure finishes (for me, 3 months). It feels restrictive as its basic human nature to go for the cheapest option when trying a new thing.

Problems faced during 1 year.

As a Youtuber i need  a connection that is Up and running all the time.i will not lie but i have faced some problems with this broadband connection.Here are some.

At that time they give me Docsis 2.0 modem compared to docsis 3.0 that they were advertising.After 8 months i got to know that i have docsis 2.0 modem now you will say whats the big deal here.The problem was docsis 2.0 supports net speed upto 20mbps only,and i was planning to upgrade to 50mbps plan.So i called up to thier customer care and they said “YOU HAVE TO BUY DOCSIS 3.0 Modem on your own and we will install it for free”.
I was like What the… Docsis 3.0 modem costs like 2000rs why do i have to pay 2000rs from my own pocket.It is your responsiablity to provide me Docsis 3.0 modem if i want to upgrade to 50mbps plan.
I tweeted to them also and i haven’t recieved any reply.
Their facebook and twitter support sucks.


Compared to MTNL,BSNL,TIKONA and other broadband Den boomband is still great Providing very good speeds at low price but they still have a long way to go.

Den Boomband toll free no-1800 – 419 – 3030

This was my Honest opnion about den boomband after using for 1 full year.How was your experience?
Tell me in the comments below.

How to calculate how much you have to total pay for the Plan.
For example the plan cost is 750.
Now add 14.5% Service tax
Now add 0.5Swach bharat cess

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