Oneplus 2 – How to install Cm13 Android Marshamallow Rom

(Last Updated On: December 17, 2015)

Yes Cm13 Android marshamallow rom is available for oneplus 2 in this post i will show how to flash it properly and what all features you get.

[embedyt][/embedyt] First of all 
Download these 2 files.

  • Then go to phone settings>about phone option>click on build number 7 times.
    Go back to settings>goto developer option enable advance reboot.
    Now press the power button>reboot>recovery.

Your phone should have twrp recovery if not refer to this guide.hhh

  • Now click on backup and swipe to backup.
    now go back click on wipe>swipe to factory reset.
    now go back click on install select the click on add more zip.
    select the and swipe to flash.
    Once done click on reboot system now and swipe to disable stock recovery replacement.


Xda thread-
Thanks to xda member david_Waz for making this rom.

Workarounds / Temporary fixes :
1.To fix Browser FC when downloading a file go to Settings => Apps Browser Permissions And enable all permissions
2.To fix Facebook / Messenger FC delete or rename the from /data/app/com.facebook.katana-1/lib/arm and from/data/app/com.facebook.orca-1/lib/arm (Root Needed). This workaround needs to be done in every reboot.
3.If MTP doesn’t work with the USB cable plugged choose PTP mode from USB options, and without disconnecting the cable, change it back to MTP.This should fix and show your device storage on your computer.

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