How to Root / Unroot Letv Le 1s Without Computer (Easy & Safe) Tutorial

Hey, guys in this post I will show you how you can root the leeco le 1s or LeTv le 1s (X507) Indian variant very easily without computer and in 1 click.It will  This Process will also not affect OTA updates and Warranty status.

      Before telling you the simple 1 click root method letme give you some reasons

Why you should root your letv le 1s?

  • You can use rooted apps like whatshack,titanium backup etc.
  • You can delete system apps that cannot be deleted by default.
  • You can Boost the battery and performance of your letv le 1s by using apps like greenify.
  • You can block ads.
  • Change system fonts.

How to Root letv le 1s without computer.

Step1-Go to this link and download kingroot apk.
Step2-Once the apk is downloaded.Install the app.
Click on lift restriction.
Step3-Open the app and skip the intro.
Step4-It will say your phone is not compatible ignore that message and click on start root.
Step5-Wait for 2-3 mins Your Letv le1s will be rooted.
If your phone reboots don’t worry just launch the kingroot and continue the root process.

How to UnRoot Letv le 1s without computer.

If you want to unroot your leeco le 1s or letv le 1s for some reason.You can unroot in 1 click and without computer.
Step1-Launch Kingroot app.
Step2-Click on the 3 dot > Go to general setting.
Step3-Click on remove root.
Step4-Uncheck backup root and click on ok.
Your letv le1s will be unrooted instantly.
Uninstall Purify app and Reboot your phone.

I Have rooted and unrooted my letv le 1s (x507) 2-3 times with the above method.Tell me in the comment section which method you used to root letv le1s.As far as i know this is the only working method to root letv le 1s which works without computer or PC.

Video tutorial

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