Tech i use to make Youtube Videos

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2016)

Video Gear

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Hands down the best camera that you can buy (if you are on a tight budget)
The only DSLR in this range that supports 1080p @ 60fps

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This guy is responsible for all the smooth pans

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I shoot a lot so that’s why 64gb ūüėõ

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This will take your d3300 to the next level.Trust me it’s worth it buy this prime lens ASAP.

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Audio Gear


i get “I love your voice” comments because of this mic^

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317JC8IsWKL (1)

For editing video (On the go) Its one of the best laptop that you can buy under 25,000.
Pss-I have a desktop too (scroll down)

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Buy this if you are going to shoot outside (Street interviews)

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One of the best lav mic in the market.
Pss Geekyranjit uses this too

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PC Hardware


Dell S2216h Monitor-Buy now link-



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